Class Descriptions

Anusara Inspired Yoga
Anusura Inspired Yoga is one of the fastest growing forms of yoga in North America. Anusara uses 5 Univeral Principles of Alignment as a blueprint for all poses. This allows the yoga practioner to better align and improve in any yoga posture. Anusara Yoga is widely known for it's theraputic benefits to rehabilitate but it is also a full body workout. Classes are themed with a heart-based philosophy that encourages the student to work from the inside out.

A series of gentle, flowing postures and yin type postures are practiced in Candlelight and designed to release tension and relax. An excellent class to restore and unwind after a busy week both individuals and couples. All levels welcome.

Core + Yoga = Fusion
Strengthens and tones muscles, improves posture flexibility and balance, and creates a sleek, firm and strong body.

Flow & Focus
An all levels class where you can expect to flow and restore, stretch and strengthen, twist and turn, stand on your feet and on your head, experience the play of opposites to come back to the middle, the place of the heart.

Form of the Pose
A class focusing on alignment and form, incorporating a variety of sequences to strengthen your body and refresh your spirit. We will explore the Universal Principals of Alignment of Anusara Yoga and learn to work therapeutically, skilfully and deeply. Sequences may focus on specific injury prevention or on working to expand your understanding of poses. Come, step deeper into the flow and your practice!

Gentle Yoga
A gentle, relaxed flow based practice. Great for stress release.

Hatha Yoga
The word Hatha comes from combining the two Sanskrit terms "Ha" meaning Sun and "Tha" meaning Moon. This is a gentle flow based class which focuses on safety, alignment and integration of breath.

HOT Flow
You want a WORKOUT! The HOT flow is series of lower and upper body yoga postures and breathing exercises conducted in a heated room to systematically warm, stretch and strengthen the major muscle groups. The heat helps you sweat but is not excessive or dehydrating, rather it is the practice itself that gives you the workout. This class works both the 'upper' and 'lower' body unlike other 'hot' Yoga classes that focus more on the lower body only.

Beginners Hot Flow Friday Nights - $10 Drop-in
Come and have FUN, expend and receive back ENERGY, each FRIDAY at 6pm this BEGINNERS HOT Yoga class is only a $10.00 Drop-in +hst or use your OM Promotion or Class Cards. YES you will SWEAT but you will have a SMILE on your face. This class works both the 'upper' and 'lower' body unlike other 'hot' Yoga classes that focus on the lower body only. Our BEGINNERS HOT Yoga is conducted in a heated room (ninety degrees) where the heat helps you sweat but is not excessive or dehydrating, rather it is our belief that it should be the yoga practice itself that gives you the workout. Come early or reserve your spot on-line. Bring a water bottle with you and a smile on your face.

HOT Moksha Hour
The Moksha class is a dynamic system of 40 postures specifically designed to be practiced in the heat. Moksha classes are intended to open, strengthen and detoxify the entire body. Both standing and seated poses are practiced and classes are suitable for all levels of experience

Kundalini Yoga (Pre-Registered series)
Allowing energy to flow through the body using Asanas, Breath Work, Deep Relaxation and Meditation. Some Mantra Chanting involved. Call the Studio (604.539.0566) for session dates and session focus.

Luna Yoga
Through a series of Hatha Yoga postures, the muscles throughout the hips, pelvis and lower back are stretched and loosened, increasing both flexibility and circulation to the pelvic organs. The results are ia general loosing of the hip, lower back and pelvic area. This is a great class for men and women as it targets the hips and pelvis to help loosen and open up these normally 'tight' areas especially prevalent for runners, swimmers, dancers etc. Also for women in particular this class can help promote increased fertility, decreased discomfort from pms and menoppause, increased sexual drive, and increased feelings of vitality, health and beauty.

Mom & Baby (Pre-Registered & Pre-Mobile Babies)
Call the Studio (604.539.0566) for Session dates.

Noon Hour "Flow"
Want to get yourself through the day? Our 60 minute 'Flow' class is an flow class that will break up your day, making you feel alive all afternoon.

An inspiring workout (vinyasa - moving with breath) that is a purposeful workout that will build flexibility and integrated strength. It helps create flexibilty, strength and core stability throughout your body. It's focus is on strength, coordination, flexibility, leaving you energized and vibrant. Ideal for all levels.

Pre-Natal Yoga (Pre-Registered & Drop-ins)
Stretch, strengthen, relax, focus on breath, come nourish yourself and feel inspired through a community of pregnant women. Call the Studio (604.539.0566) for Session dates.

Private Yoga or Small Group "in-studio" or your workplace/home sessions
These classes can be developed to have the particular focus or benefits' that you are seeking to achieve and can be held in our yoga studio outside of regular scheduled class times or held in your home or corporate workplace. Call the Studio (604.539.0566) for more details.

Restorative Yoga
Deep, complete relaxation is on the safest and most effective ways to manage stress, relieve pain, regain and maintain health and attain peace of mind. Restorative yoga promotes this deep relaxation while passively opening and stretching the body. The restorative postures are done on the floor with the use of bolsters and blankets so that the body is fully supported. In restorative yoga the emphases is on being rather than doing. There is no perfect pose, nowhere to go, just a profound sense of peace and relaxation and of being present as the moment unfolds. With regular practice we can take this sense of peace and well being into our lives and live in a way that is less affected by the ups and downs of day to day living. Come and experience this deep relaxation unfolding and carry this back to your life. You are worth it!

Shakti Flow
Experience the sacred force of Shakti while flowing through poses created specifically to heat & open your body. Build your core strength, tone & burn calories all the while transforming your mind, body & spirit in this flowing class.

Strength & Soul
This class has a heart based theme. We will be playing with inversions, arm balances, hip openers, deep stretches and fun sequencing.

The "Practice"
A time of play and power - a fun, rockin' and expansive class. Be ready to bust it out! Beginners to Advanced welcome.

Yin & Yang
Yin/Yang is a symbol of opposites in balance. In our yoga practice we need both the yin and the yang to find balance. The yang is the more active part of class, the vinyasa, the flow and the yin is the slower more reflective part of class where we hold postures a little longer. So come and do 45 minutes of dynamic movements, work up a sweat, and then spend the rest of class in well deserved more yin like postures.

Yin Yoga
Exploring the body's subtle energies. Long, deep stretching cultivating a peaceful and meditative mind. This quiet practice allows space for emotional clearing and deep physical openings, particularly through the hips, pelvis and spine. Ideal for all levels.

Other Pre-Registered & Special Event Classes

Family Yoga
This class is a great way to stretch, play, and have fun as a group! Our family yoga is structured that all members of your family can attend class - during the Family Yoga class, you will learn dynamic breathing techniques and postures to help connect to your family and to yourself. We'll end each class in relaxation which allows parents and children to relax in each others presence.

Friday Night 'Affairs'
Friday nights and some Saturday early evenings - check into the studio for periodic special events like 'Couples Yoga', 'Laughing Yoga', 'Free Movie nights', 'Meditation', 'Kirtan' and others - check with us at the studio or on-line for detailed event descriptions and times.

Yoga 4 Golfers
Improve your game through increased flexibility, strength conditioning & focus with this specifically focused class. Smaller instructor: student ratio.

Sports Team Yoga Classes
Whether it be for 'off-season' training or as a compliment to the rigours of 'in-season' training / practices / games, these classes can be developed to have the particular focus or benefits that you are seeking to achieve and are held in our yoga studio outside of regular scheduled class times or held in your training facility. Call the Studio (604.539.0566) for more details.

Yoga Workshops
Typically held on Friday nights, Saturday afternoons/evengings or Sunday mornings/afternoons we offer an ongoing variety of yoga related workshops such as breathing, meditation, arm balancing workshops, special yoga teachers appearances, or special yoga focused workshop events - check into the studio for periodic special workshops or online under the workshop section of the on-line menu for upcoming workshops.

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